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Quality Control Assignment 1 | December 1, 2009

Qc tableProcedures

Step 1: Separate the jellies in 20 lots with 3 jellies per group.

Step 2: Weigh the jellies using the weighing machine and record down the weight of each jellies.

Step 3: Plot a table;

Samples 1 2 3 Average Range
Average of average average range
  • Calculate the average weight and range of the 3 jellies.
  • Calculate the average of average and the average range.

Step 4: Plot the X-bar and R-chart according to the results from the table.

Step 5: Calculate the UCL, CL, LCL of both X-bar and R- chart.


Question session:
Is the process within control? State reasons for your answer.

Answers: We think that it is somehow within and not within control. As you can see from the range chart, the second point of the curve went over the UCL. Maybe there is some human error during the process so that there is such huge difference.


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